Familiar Faces

Our brains are amazing machines that allow us to reason, compute simple motor tasks without thinking and create beautiful works of art from our own creative impulses. Some say that we are at our most creative when we are dreaming. Our subconscious has free reign to play with the ideas spinning round in our heads.

But does this really mean we are at our most creative? Surprisingly no.

Fact: Our dreams are only populated with things, places and people that we have come across in our waking lives.

Your subconscious cannot create a figure or scene that you have not experienced.

This means you will never come across a stranger in your sleep.

Every person that shares your nighttime forays has the face of someone you have met or seen. You have seen thousands of faces in your life and each one of these is available for your subconscious to play with.

The Faces In Our Dreams

Only with your conscious mind are you able to draw, paint or sculpt a face of your own creation. Your dreams may inspire you to act on something, but only your conscious mind has the ability to develop the creative idea.

Our advice, experience all there is to life and give your dreams a plethora of resources to work with.

Sleep well and dream passionately.

Mattress Choice: Better Sleep, Better Dreams.

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